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Welcome to our AC Dormitory with 4 Toilet Washrooms attached, featuring a breathtaking valley-facing view and a spacious open area just outside the rooms. Our dormitory is designed to cater to the needs of corporate groups, friends, and families who wish to stay together and enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay.

The dormitory is equipped with modern air conditioning to ensure a pleasant and cool atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and unwind after a long day of activities or sightseeing. The four attached toilet washrooms provide convenience and privacy, ensuring that everyone can freshen up at their own pace.

As you step outside the room, you’ll be greeted by a captivating valley view, offering a tranquil and scenic backdrop. Whether it’s the lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, or majestic mountains, the beauty of nature will surround you, creating a serene environment for relaxation.

The open space surrounding the dormitory provides ample room for various outdoor activities. It’s perfect for group gatherings, team-building exercises, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll amidst nature. The open area offers a sense of freedom and tranquility, allowing guests to connect with nature and create lasting memories together.

Our AC Dormitory is an ideal choice for corporate retreats, where colleagues can foster teamwork, bond, and brainstorm in a refreshing environment. It’s also perfect for groups of friends seeking an adventure-filled getaway or families looking for a comfortable stay where they can experience the joys of togetherness.

We strive to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to ensure that every guest has a delightful stay. From the scenic valley view to the attached washrooms and spacious open space, our AC Dormitory offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and natural beauty for a memorable staycation or vacation.




Pets are welcome outside the clubhouse and reception area, but not inside.

Children and extra beds

Child 0-5 is free, while Child 5-10 is half off with an extra bed.
Extra people will be charged with an extra bed.


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+91 93242 75665

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Multi Beded Room