Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party at Relax Adventure Resort, located in the scenic Kasara valley near Igatpuri, promises to be a memorable experience for you and your guests. With stunning valley views and picturesque surroundings, the resort offers the perfect setting for a celebration.

If you’re looking to host a poolside party, the resort has a beautiful pool that can be decorated to suit your preferences. The poolside area can be adorned with colorful balloons, streamers, and other decorations to create a festive ambiance. You can also opt for pool floats, bean bags, and other seating options for your guests to lounge in comfort. The poolside area is perfect for a daytime party, where guests can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and socializing.

For those who prefer a more relaxed setting, the resort’s lush green lawn with a water fountain can be an ideal choice. The lawn can be decked up with floral arrangements, fairy lights, and other decorations to create an enchanting atmosphere. You can set up tables and chairs on the lawn for your guests to enjoy the serene surroundings while indulging in delicious food and drinks.

The resort also has an in-house catering team that can whip up a delectable spread of dishes to suit your tastes and preferences. From Indian delicacies to international cuisines, the menu can be customized to cater to your specific needs.

In addition to the venue and catering, the resort also offers a range of adventure activities such as Open Jeep Safari, ATV Bike, Cycle, Turf Cricket and more making it an ideal destination for an adventure-packed birthday celebration.

For those looking to relax and unwind, our resort features a swimming pool and indoor games such as table tennis, carrom, and chess. Take a dip in our pool or indulge in a soothing massage at our spa to rejuvenate your body and mind.

With its stunning valley views, poolside decorations, and serene lawn with a water fountain, Relax Adventure Resort is the perfect place to host a birthday party that your guests will never forget.


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